Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meeting regarding cadre restructure of asp/ip on 18-10-2011

Dear friends,

My self stay in delhi for tratment of my wife up to one week from today i.e 12-10-2011and authorise Mr. A.P.Asthana A.S.P C.O Lko and R.R Lucknow Region to collect views from  all office bearears,c.w.c members, learned members and former G.S Hon"le Janardan Sharma SSPOST Meerut, ex SSPOST SRI H.P.Singh and others respectable officers. and send it to Hon"le G.S Sri Roop Chand for onward communication before 16-10-2011.I request Mr. Anuj , Manoj Srivastava,Himansu Mishra, Ravi Kumar to assist MR. Asthana ji.
Rajeev Kumar Srivastava
ASP MAU and C.S UP Circle
Camp at Ghaziabad