Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reconciliation Certificate in case of difference in name/Sanction Memo of Deceased Claim in respect of NSCs/KVPs


       Reconciliation Certificate in case of difference in name

                           Certified that the real name of the deceased depositor of PO SB/TD/MIS/NSS/RD Account or NSC/KVP Registration No _____________________________________________________________
Was _____________________________________. He was also called by __________________________________________ ( name) . The name as mentioned in Pass Book/ NSCs/KVPs and death certificate is that of one and the same person viz. the deceased depositor.
                                                                       Signature of Claimants
                                                                        Name in block letters
                                                                 Address- ____________________
Dated- ___________________


            Sanction Memo of Deceased Claim in respect of NSCs/KVPs

From: _________________________
            _________________________(Name of PO)

Memo No_______________________ dated____________________
Sri/Smt ________________________
Dear Sir /Madam,
                             Sanction of the undersigned is hereby accorded to the payment to you of the amount due on the Postal Savings Certificate(s) detailed below standing in the name of ___________________________ who is reported to have died on _______________________.
2.                                                   The amount due will be paid to you on your presenting the Savings Certificate(s) duly receipted for payment at the __________________________ PO on surrendering the original sanction order.
3.                                                   You are however , at your liberty not to accept payment of the amount due on the Savings Certificate(s) before the date of maturity entered therein, in which case the savings certificate(s) in question shall be transferred to your name subject to the condition laid down in the Rules governing the Savings Certificate(s) in question.
4.                                                   The sanction is valid for accepting payment or for getting the certificate(s) transferred in your name for a period of one year only from the date of its issue.
                                                                                  Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                Sanctioning Authority


                             Details of Savings Certificate(s)

Certificate Nos
Date of issue
Name of the office of Registration

Copy forwarded to for information and necessary action—
1.     The Postmaster/SPM _____________________________PO . The date of payment may be communicated as soon as the payment is effected.
2.     The Director of Postal Accounts ___________________________. The value of the Post Office Certificate including interest accrued upto the last completed year, as the case my be, prior to the death of the holder does not exceed Rs 1000/2000/5000/10000/20000/ 50000/ 75000/100000 as per claimant’s statement in the claim application.
 *Score out which is not applicable.

                                                                           Sanctioning Authority


1.Name of Post Office where request is received _______________________________________________________
2.Date of receipt of request___________________________________
3.Time of receipt of request-__________________________________
4Name of Depositor/Holder __________________________________
5.SB/RD/TD/MIS/NSS/SCSS/PPF/NSC/KVP Account/Registration Nos- ___________________________________________________________
6.Name of the Savings Schemes ________________________________ __________________________________________________________
7.Request No- _____________________ ( Sl No of Register in case of non computerised office )
Date Stamp of the PO

                                                            Signature of the Postmaster/SPM