Thursday, September 29, 2011

Central Working Committee meeting at Patna (Bihar) on 23rd & 24th September,2011

As notified, Central Working Committee meeting of the Association was held at Patna (Bihar) on 23rd & 24th September,2011 under the president ship of Sh. Dinesh Khare, President. CWC was attended by 16 Circle branches except Assam, Haryana, H. P., Punjab and Uttrakhand. J&K Circle Branch is defunct. CWC was well attended as expected. S/ Sh. S. Samuel, Former G. S,. Janardan Sharma, SSPOs Meerut, Shyam Pandey, SSPOs Patna, D.C. Sharma , AD (Admn),GPO, New Delhi attended the CWC as Special Invitees . The meeting was held in cordial atmosphere and healthy deliberations took place on the agenda of the meeting. After confirmation of minutes of last CWC held at Ambaji (Gujarat) and detailed discussions , following decisions were taken by the CWC unanimously:

1 Upgradation of Grade Pay of IP from Rs 4200/- to Rs 4600/- w e f 01.01.2006

The subject matter was discussed in detail. All the 16 Circles branches actively participated in the debate and pros and cons of merger of the post of IP with the post of ASP, withdrawal of Gazetted status to the post of ASP & its merits / demerits and also benefit of MACP up to the level of Rs 5400/- Grade Pay was discussed in thread bare. After that, 5 Circles (Chhattis Garh, Karnataka, N.E.,Orissa,Uttrakhand ) expressed their decision in favour of merger and also withdrawal of Gazetted Status to the post of ASP. 2 Circles (U.P., W.B.) supported the merger of the post of ASP with PS Group “ B”. No opinion was received from 2 Circles (Haryana, H.P.). Remaining 12 Circles (A.P., Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Kerala, M.P., Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu) supported the merger of the post of IP with the post of ASP without withdrawal of Gazetted status to the post of ASP. Finally, it was decided to put pressure on the Postal Directorate to upgrade the GP of IP from Rs 4200/- to Rs 4600/- without disturbing the Gazetted status conferred to the post of ASP vide No.25-18/2000-PE-I dated 28.07.2005 failing which agitational programme will be initiated by the CHQ after waiting for outcome of final orders from CAT, Ernakulam.

2 Restructuring of Inspector, Posts cadre

General Secretary explained the august body the importance of restructuring of IP cadre and also developments taking place in other cadres after VI CPC. Members from various Circles expressed that workload of IP cadre has increased manifold due to introduction of new schemes and induction of technology. The norms for sanctioning the post of IP/ASP were framed long back. Though, norms for other cadres i.e. PA, Postman, MTS have been revised, the same has not yet been touched by the Department. Hence, it was decided to discuss the matter by the Circle Working Committees and suggest the CHQ the lines on which the restructuring should be taken up with the Postal Directorate. Circle Secretaries were requested to finalize the draft recommendations of their Circles and send the same to the CHQ by 30.11.2011.

3 Revision of rates of remuneration for invigilation duty

General Secretary informed that matter is under process in the Postal Directorate and orders are likely to be issued very soon.

4 Regular Promotion to PS Group “B”

G. S. informed that he is in touch with the Postal Directorate on the issue. Release of list for the year 2011 is being delayed due to non settlement of below bench mark cases by some Circles. List is expected to be released shortly.

5 MACP Scheme

As decided in the last CWC, matter regarding non issue of MACP memo in Chhattisgarh, M. P. & Uttrakhand Circles was taken up by the CHQ with the Department. Now, no MACP memo is pending for issue in any of the Circles.

6 Postmaster cadre in Postal Wing and its effect on IP & PS Group “B” cadres

G. S. informed the CWC that revised recruitment rules for PS Group “B” are being framed by the Department and quota of General Line officials is being reduced from 6% to 3% as they have been given 29 out of 116 (25%) posts of Senior Postmaster by promotion through DPC in Postmaster cadre.

7 Supply of Laptops for all the IPs/ASPs

G. S. informed the CWC that above issue has been taken up with the Department and issue is being examined by the Technology Division of the Postal Directorate.

8 Non issue of combined All India Seniority List of IPs from the year 1999

G. S. will issue reminder to the D. G. (Posts) in this regard.

9 Postal Inspector

Important matters are being published in the web blog of the CHQ. So far, two issues of Postal Inspector have been brought out after last A.I.C.

10 Quota to CHQ by Circle branches

Circle branches are not remitting due quota to the CHQ. G. S. requested all Circle Secretaries to remit due quota to the CHQ Treasurer in order to improve financial position of the CHQ.

11 Next All India Confernce

Karnataka Circle informed that they will host 37th AIC of the Association and the same will be held at Bangalore from 27.01.2012 to 29.01.2012. Donation Coupons were distributed to all 16 Circle branches present in the CWC. Donation Coupons to remaining Circle branches will be sent by the Reception Committee. CHQ requested all Circle Secretaries to make sincere efforts to sell donation coupons and remit sale proceeds to Karnataka Circle.

Elaborate arrangements were made for conducting CWC at PATNA by Sh. Rajdeo Prasad, Circle Secretary, Bihar and his team. U.P.Circle conveys its sincere thanks to them as well to all the CWC office bearers / Circle Secretaries for their co-opertion during CWC.