Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gist of cadre restructuring meeting held at DTE on 18.10.2011

Admn Side : Member (P), DDG (Estt), DDG (Rectt),Director(SR) & one officer from Finance.
Staff Side : Shri Roop Chand (GS), Shri Hari Mohan (CS, Punjab)

Q 1. You have agreed merger of IP/ASP to Inspector Posts for grant of GP of Rs.4600/- to IPs. Where is that proposal?
A 1. Madam, Our members are not ready to forego the Gazetted Status, so this proposal is not agreeable to the Association. We have another proposal of merger of ASPs to PS Gr B being both Gazetted status. All the Sub Divisions can be upgraded to the cadre of SPOs and the posts of SPOs be upgraded to JTS/STS.

Q 2. This will create functional problem. However this can be relooked after JTS/STS Cadre review. Why you are so adamant in retaining the Gazetted status.
A2. No Madam, it is a social status that matters.

Q 3. Anyway, come on with viable proposal that can be accepted to DG(P), DOPT, MOE, you cannot get more than 200 posts in cadre restructuring.
A 3. Madam, we have even Presidential approval for 245 posts so less than these are not acceptable to the Association.

Q 4. Department can consider upgradation of all the posts of ASP (HQ)/OS to PSS Gr B in all STS/JTS Divisions, where there is no posts of SP (HQ).
A 4. With this the number IPs will not reach the total of 250. Kindly consider up gradation of all the posts of Manager Speed Post Hubs manned by ASP level officer to PS Gr B. The post of ASP/IP (Vig), ASP/IP (Inv) can be upgraded to the level of AD (Vig) and AD (Inv) where these at present are supervised by APMG level officer.

Final Reply. No Problem. This is workable. DDG (Estt) to collect the data from Circles before the next meeting scheduled to be held on 03.11.2011.

Conclusion: From the meeting it was aspired that department is very much inclined to place the IPs in GP of Rs.4600/- and up gradation of around 250 IP/ASP post to PS Group B. Rest of ASPs will be merged to Inspector Posts in GP of Rs.4600/- (Non Gazetted) till they are elevated to PS Group B.