Tuesday, October 18, 2011


1. Upgradation of all the Sub divisions to PS Group ‘B’ divisions with independent charge and powers as presently divisional heads have. The present divisions manned by SPO/SSPOs may be upgraded to Class-I and entrusted with the Technology, Project Arrow, Mail optimization, recruitment and PLI/RPLI work that has been recently decentralized.
2. The Association should not have any objection to surrender 64 Sr. Postmaster posts presently held by IPs/ASPs, subject to the condition that equal number of posts are created in Circle offices/Regional offices and in divisions commensurate to the work load under matching saving. This will also be a solution to the query raised by DOPT with the question how department is retaining operational (Postmaster cadre) and ASP/SP (Administrative Cadre) in one hierarchy. In that case General line officials should not have right to enter in PS Group “B” as they can retain 52 Sr. Postmaster posts and 141 HSG-I posts as per DOPT orders.
Named comments and suggestion are solicited.