Monday, December 12, 2011

Contribution for A I C Banglore and Circle Conference Vrindavan Mathura

Dear Comrades,

A few days left for A.I.C banglore and Circle Conference Vrindavan,but no Contribution,(i.e) Monthly subscription @ 30 p.m and 500 donation for each conference received from any region after several Appeal.
We again requested to send Monthly subscription @30 p.m from due date and 1000/ one hundred to R.Rs /Office Bearers/ Circle Treasurer in cash or E.M.O as early as possible for better arrangement.
Komal Singh C.I.(P) o/o the SSPOSTs Aligarh
Rakesh Pratap Srivastava I.I.(inv) o/o the P.M.G Allahabad.
D.B.Pandey S.D.I (p) Karvi Sub Division Kanpur
V.N.Singh S.D.I (p) Dumariyaganj  Basti
N.K.Dubey A.S.PO Barreilly Division
A.P.Asthana A.S.PO C.O Lucknow
P.T.C Saharanpur and Ghazibad Unit Members are requested to send their contribution to sri Komal Singh Circle Tr. directly
with warm regards.
Rajeev Kumar Srivastava