Thursday, June 14, 2012

Message of CS Panjab Circle


No doubt, our General Secretary has repeatedly requested our Directorate to withdraw the exam notification in view of various disparities pointed out in the different communications to Directorate but to no result. Our GS was right while raising our concern with Directorate not to adopt two parameters by allowing some similar placed candidates to appear in PS Group “B” and no to others. Results being the aggrieved are approaching the Hon’ble CAT for relief. Hon’ble CAT Lucknow bench giving relief to the applicant has stayed the final result of PS Group “B” examination that will be subject to the final orders of the Tribunal. Such circumstances and adamant attitude of the administration is not only going to be the  root cause of frustration amongst the IP cadre but these can also be an impediment in effective execution of administrative policies and plan. This is bound to have an adverse impact on the efficiency of the department. No organization can last long with the service of its frustrated employees. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the backbone of the department with a fair deal. Still the department should think of the step motherly treatment to the cause of IP/ASP. GS has rightly said that it is not understood why department is going against the rules to promote officials without any health competition. Now in such circumstances out of the strength of around 4000, IP/ASPs only 1000-1500 may be eligible and around 100 will be serious. Can we say will it be a health competition? Any way exam will be held and our best wishes are for those who are appearing in the exam against all odds.
Sr. Postmaster CAT case filed in Chandigarh bench come up for hearing before Hon’ble CAT (Single bench) on 30-5-2012. As Govt. standing counsel was not present in the court so no hearing took place. Next date of hearing in the case has been fixed for 2-7-2012