Friday, July 6, 2012

Suggestion regarding Reorganizational Restructuring in Department of Posts Meeting at Postal Directorate on 9/7/2012.

The suggestions regarding reorganization of the Deptt. are as under:

1.     Merger of TSOs: Nowadays the mobility of the people has increased considerably and commuting 2 or 3 km more in order to get better service is not a big deal for the masses. Therefore, merger of the abundant TSOs into a mighty HO or MDG would do better in many ways, a few are as under.

                                i.            The attention of the supervision/administration would concentrate on a few places rather than on a scattered cluster resulting in increased efficiency, work culture and strict vigilance over fraudulent/negligent activities.

                              ii.            The budget required to run a number of POs would drop considerably and its spread over a few POs would result in better ambience and facilities.

                            iii.            The departmental POs being run in poor, shabby rented buildings tarnish the image of the department and lower the credibility. The palatial departmental buildings bucked up with more funds and staff would definitely work out elegant branding.

                           iv.            The tiny TSOs often get eclipsed by the mightier HOs/GPOs. The staff there often diverts the public towards the bigger POs and the public too gets lured in order to get better services. Thus the full potential of the area is not being exhausted by these TSOs. These can be merged without any considerable drop in public service.

2.     One aspect towards better branding of POs is the uplift of the faces of letter boxes which nowadays bear the brunt of the changing times in very disgusting manner. Since nobody is there for vigil the miscreants often damage the boxes. Most of them being made with iron corrode easily and public often finds them not trustworthy to post their letters in.

This pathetic scenario could be changed if the private /government organizations/shops are to be made the venues for letterboxes. The LBs are to be embedded in some shade on to the boundary or any other prominent place. This would benefit both. The department could be sure of LBs safety and the concerned organization or shop can get more footfalls. In any case no LBs would become damaged and undependable as these have become now.