Thursday, July 12, 2012

UPU News-E-commerce association joins Consultative Committee

Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), a UK-based association of e-commerce companies, has become the newest member of the UPU’s Consultative Committee.

The group is the first member specializing in e-commerce to join the committee, an assembly of postal stakeholders that are not public postal operators or regulators, but which represent the interests of the wider postal sector.
“E-commerce and supply chain integration are key pillars of the world postal strategy to be adopted by 192 member countries at the 25th UPU Congress in Doha, Qatar,” said Director General Edouard Dayan. “We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with IMRG.”
And, while cross-border e-commerce grows, it’s more important than ever that e-retailers and the postal sector work hand-in-hand, says Aad Weening, head of international at IMRG.
“Close cooperation with postal operators and an important organization such as the UPU is essential to identify the barriers and opportunities of the global market and smooth the way for online merchants,” said Weening .“IMRG wishes to support the mission and objectives of the UPU by sharing its knowledge and expertise in several areas, particularly in the field of markets development,” he said.

Specialized research

IMRG, which seeks to promote best practices in the e-retailing market, produces market research and provides consulting services to help businesses thrive in e-commerce.
The association’s most recent publication shows that the e-commerce market is exploding in countries with emerging economies, not just in North America and Europe. The report also shows that cross-border e-commerce, is growing.
According to the report, e-commerce sales in 2011 were estimated at 690 billion EUR (961 billion USD). IMRG expects the market will pass the trillion-euro mark in 2013.