Monday, March 16, 2015

Clarification regarding issue of Medicine under CGHS

CGHS withdraws the Office Memorandum dated 25-08-2014 regarding issue of Medicine / reimbursement of expenditure on investigations / treatment procedures / implants and other medical devices

G.I., M.H., O.M.No. 2-2/2014/CGHS(HQ)/PPTY/CGHS(P), dated 13.03.2015

Subject: Clarification regarding issue of Medicine under CGHS

With reference to the above mentioned subject the under signed is directed to state that the situation arising out of issue of office memorandum NO 2-2/2014/CGHS(HQ)/PPTY/CGHS(P) dated the 25th August, 2014 has been engaging the attention of government for quite some time. Although the guidelines were modified subsequently vide Office Memorandum of even number date 01.10.2014 and 23.12.2014, this Ministry is in receipt of representations seeking clarifications. The matter has been reviewed and it has now been decided to withdraw the OM of even no. dated 25.08.2014.