Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dopt Orders 2015 : Compilation of Important Orders issued by DoPT during Jan 2015

Following orders are issued by DoPT in the month of January 2015.  

22011/2/2014- Estt.D - 30.1.2015Procedure for conduct of supplementary DPC ñ Dopt issued orders with illustrationClick Here
49014/2/2014-Estt(C) - 29.1.2015GPF & Pension Benefits to Casual Labour with temporary status regularised after 1.1.2004Click Here
11013/9/2014-Estt.A-III - 28.1.2015All CG Employees are required to register themselves in the system of AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance SystemClick Here
22011/4/2013-Estt.(D) - 28.1.2015Review of Model Calendar for the Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs)Click Here
31011/2/2015-Estt.(A-IV) - 27.1.2015Travel by Premium Trains on LTC- Clarification ordersClick Here
Notification - 22.1.2015Amendment of Rules on Imposing Penalty on Central Government EmployeesClick Here
7/4/2013-CS.I(A) - 23.1.2015Shortage of staff in the grades of Assistants and Section Officers - modification to the channel of submission till staff position improves regardingClick Here
12/7/2014-JCA2 - 19.1.2015Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015Click Here
14017/ 27/20 14-Estt.(RR) - 20.1.2015Guidelines on prescribing Educational Qualifications and requisite experience in respect of various posts, Pay Band & Grade Pay/ Pay Scale for appointment by Direct Recruitment.Click Here
14017/11/2014-Estt.(RR) - 16.1.2015Review of Model RRs for the Storekeeping staff category of postsClick Here
16/1/2014-JCA 2 - 19.1.2015Early Closure of Offices in connection with Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony during 2015Click Here
25/1/2015-CS.II(C) - 16.1.2015Immovable Property Return for the year 2014 (as on 31.12.2014) ñ submission throughcscms.nic.inClick Here
15/1 /2014-CS.II(A) - 14.1.2015Cadre Review of Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) 2015Click Here
11013/3/2014-Estt.(A) - 16.1.2015CCS (Conduct) Rules ñ Filing of annual Immovable Property ReturnsClick Here
1/3/2014-IR - 14.1.2015Introduction of postal stamps as RTI fee/cost ñ seeking comments from public regardingClick Here
14017/25/2013-Estt.(RR) - 12.1.2015Clarification regarding Pay fixation on grant of Non-Functional Upgradation to the officers of Organized Group A ServicesClick Here
-Regarding declaration of Assets and Liabilities by public servants under section 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013Click Here
Notification - 2.1.2015Amendment in Fundamental Rules, 2014Click Here
05/08/201 3-Dir(C) - 9.1.2015Review of Model Constitution in respect of Resident Welfare AssociationsClick Here
4/2/2006-CS.II (B) (Vol.) - 9.1.2015Continuation of ad-hoc appointment in the grade of Assistant of CSS regardingClick Here
I-28011/5/2015-Coord. - 8.1.2015Engagement of a retired officer of CSS as consultant on contract basisClick Here
3/2/2010-CS II (B) - 9.1.2015Promotion of LDC as UDC of CSCS on ad hoc basisClick Here
20/7/2014/ EO(SM.II) - 5.1.2015Policy and procedure for appointments in autonomous institutions through ACCClick Here
21/2/2014-CS.I (PR) - 7.1.2015Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servantsClick Here
25/112014-CS-II(A) - 1.1.2015Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants belonging to CSSS & CSCClick Here