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Posted: 04 Apr 2015 08:40 AM PDT
Friends..Here are a few GK Questions asked in today's (4 April 2015) NICL AO Exam, Evening Shift. These questions were shared by Arjith Pal, Rahul Rana and Mohan Mishra. These questions will be useful for those having exam in coming days. 

1) Capital of Denmark? - Copenhagen
2) International Women's Day? - 8 March
3) Under Sukanya samriddhi scheme, accounts for girl child can be opened upto the age of? -10 years
4) UNEP Full form? - United Nation Environment Programme
5) FIFA world cup 2018 will be held at? - Russia
6) Ranji trophy 2015 was won by? - Karnataka
7) Currency of Belgium? - Euro
8) Centre of Film Production Animation and Gaming was announced for which state in Budget 2015-16? - Arunachal Pradesh
9) "Substance And The Shadow: An Autobiography" is the autobiography of? - Dilip Kumar
10) Health insurance minimum capital? -100Cr.
11) Who is the sculptor of the new statue of Mahatma Gandhi unveiled at London? - Philip Jackson
12) K Srikanth associated which game? – Badminton
13) World Consumer Rights Day 2015 theme? - Helping consumers choose healthy diets
14) Mohammed Nasheed who was sentenced to 13 years in prison was the former president of? - Maldives
15) National Insurance Academy is situated at? - Pune
16) Adult literacy in India as per Census 2011? - 75%
17) Shaheen 3 missile operational range? - 2750 km
18) Which India IT company was recently ranked as top employer in Europe? - TCS
19) Insurance claim complaint settlement authority? - Insurance Ombudsman
20) Headquarters of World Intellectual Property Organization? - Geneva, Switzerland
21) Nanga Parwat is in which country? - Pakistan

22) 46th Raising Day of the CISF was recently celebrated on? - March 10

Friends..As you are aware, NICL AO Exam started today (4 April 2015). Here are a few GK Questions asked in today's NICL AO Exam (Morning Shift). This will be useful for those having exams in coming days. These questions were shared by Latha Kapil, Sethu and Mandeep Kumar. 

1) Currency of Spain? - Euro
2) Capital of Germany? - Berlin
3) Insurance Awareness Day is observed on? - April 19
4)  'Bhagyashree Scheme' for girl child from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families was recently launched by which state? - Maharashtra
5) IRDA was recently renamed as? - Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
6) Navy Day is celebrated on? - December 4
7) Atal Pension Yojana (APY), Pension Scheme for the Unorganised Sector will be launched on? - June 1, 2015
8) Consituency of Union Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj ? - Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh)
9) India population with respect to world population in percent is? - 17.5%
10) Foreign Direct Investment in insurance was recently raised from 26 to ____%? - 49%
11) Next Saarc Summit will be held in which country? - Pakistan
12) Fully owned government insurance company? - LIC
13) Ankita Raina is related to which sport? - Tennis
14) Second Thurday of March is celebrated as? -World Kidney Day
15) Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is in which state? - Goa
16) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Headquarters? - Nairobi, Kenya
17) Which player scored four consecutive centuries in World Cup cricket recently? - Kumar Sangakkara
18) Rotavirus related to which disease? - Diarrhoea
19) Medicine price regulator in India? - National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)
20) Angara-5 rocket was recently launched by which country? - Russia
21) Name the NASA spacecraft to planet Ceres? - NASA Dawn Probe
22) Which private bank recently decided to enter general insurance business? - Kotak Mahindra Bank
23) Patrick Pichette recently resigned as the Chief Financial Officer of which company? - Google
24) Assyrian city of Nimrud is in which country? - Iraq
25) Nobel Prize in Medicine 2014? - ohn O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard I.Moser
26) First Kisan Call Centre of North-East was recently launched in? - Agartala
27) Solar impulse recently started its journey from which country? - United Arab Emirates
28) Who won saraswati samman 2014? - Verappa Moily
29) Roger Federer defeated whom to win Dubai Duty Free Tennis championship? - Novak Djokovic
30) Digital Gender Atlas recently launched by government is in collaboration with? - Unicef 
31) Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance of Japan is a joint venture with Bank of India and which other bank? - Union Bank of India
32) Which is India's largest company with Rs 3.68 lakh cr worth asset? - Reliance Industries
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