Monday, August 24, 2015

Participation in strike and its consequences

Lesson on service matters
1 What is meant by Strike
Strike means, absent from duty without setting permission by a call used by union –
It includes
1. Pen down strike
2. Work slow
3. Set in strike
4. Token strike call
5. Token strike for showing solidarity to other employees strike
6. Walk out during office hours
7. Refusal to do assigned work
8. Taking casual leave on strike day
9. Giving mass casual leave letters by many officials
2. What are the consequences for such strike participants:
GOI MOF – DOE / Controller general of Accounts – New Delhi – in his order No. A 12017/I/2010/MF-CGA (A) / NGF / Assoc – Agi/292 dt. 12/8/2015 intimates about actions to be taken against participants by acting duly. Those rules are discussed below
Action under FR 17 (I) :- The participants are not entitled to any pay and at lees for the period of absence. [No work and no pay theory].
FR 17(A) Such unauthorized absence will cause an interruption of service or break in service.
What is the after effect of order break in service
A. For calculating minimum service resources for appearing departmental exam, three years service is excused.
B. For availing LTC one year service is needed
C. For declaring QPC, minimum service of two years is needed.
By declaring break in service under FR 17(A), participants of strike, could not go on LTC.
ii) Could not appear promotional exams, twice past service will not be counted.
iii) Issue of DPC order will be delayed.
For the purpose of adding past service before interruption. One representation has to be submitted to chief PMG – who will control that break and thus past service rendered could be added for the purpose of calculating Q/S for revision.
How to overcome – break in service ordered
For a show cause notice issued by the Divisional head, a representation will be given by the concerned officials. He may ask for the treating that break period as eligible leave or for conditioning break period.