Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Digital Locker is important to Govt Staff

Looking at the aggression shown by DEITY, Digital Locker will become a key element for all government related documents as it may host all the records of the central government staff ranging from service certificate to documents related to their service/department.
As an example, Jeevan Pramaan a Pensioner Life certificate which moved to digital is been enabled though Digital Locker. Likewise there have been steps to provide driving licenses through Digital Locker.
So in the near future don’t be surprised that you service certificate and other documents which will be used in interdepartmental transaction would be made available in Digital Locker linked with Aadhaar.
To avoid the rush it is suggested that you go and create a digital locker ID using yourAadhaar and be first in the queue to enjoy the benefits of Digital India.