Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Central Government Employees to Protest outside the Parliament on April 28; Plan for Indefinite Strike

Central government employees have announced that they are going to protest outside the Parliament on April 28 against the Government’s decision to not hike the income tax slab. There are plans to launch an indefinite strike in July.

Protests were held at the Income Tax office in Nungambakkam on behalf of the Central Government Employees Federation, against the Government’s decision to not hike the minimum tax levels this time. The protests were led by the federation’s general secretary, M. Duraipandian. Union leaders like J. Ramamurthy and S. Sundaramurthy presided over the protests.

In a media interview during the protests, Duraipandian said –

Fund allocation deficits – “The Central Government budget submitted on February 28 brought no relief to the poor and the middle class. It was entirely in favour of the rich and the wealthy. Even though the prices of crude oil fell all over the world, the Government ensured that it remained the same in India. With an increase in excise taxes, the prices of petroleum and diesel actually increased in the country.

“The Government reduced corporate taxes from 30% to 25, but failed to increase the tax slab for the salaried class. How can the government then call it the budget of the masses? Allocations to social welfare, health and education were also very minimal.

“The BJP, that came to power by promising to curb inflation and increasing prices, is now involved in activities that lead to the very same things. Therefore, minimum income tax slab should be immediately raised to Rs.5 lakhs. Also, the Government must allocate funds to declare interim relief for the 7th Pay Commission.

“We are going to protest outside the Parliament on April 28, to present these demands. More than 10 lakh employees from departments like Railways, insurance and postal services are going to participate in it. We also have plans to launch an indefinite strike in the month of July. Our aim is to get the Government to agree to our demands. Strike is our last resort. If the Government is ready to grant our demands, we are willing to reconsider our decision to conduct a strike.”