Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sufficient funds were not allocated to the 7th Pay Commission

No Fund Allocation to 7th Pay Commission – Central Government Employees Protest

Employees of the Income Tax Department, located in Nungambakkam, launched a protest yesterday condemning the fact that the Central Budget had not allocated sufficient funds to the 7th Pay Commission.

A meeting was held at the Income Tax office premises yesterday by the Central Government Employees Sammelan, during which the recently announced budget was analyzed and criticized. The protests were led by the Sammelan’s general secretary, Duraipandi. While addressing the gathering, he said, “The economic report submitted by the Government is not in favour of the masses. During the election campaigns, BJP promised to reduce inflation, bring back black money, and to eradicate unemployment.

“But the fact remains that even when the prices of petroleum and crude oil fell by nearly 50% around, the world, the Central Government had actually increased the excise tax and made sure that the benefits of falling global prices don’t reach the general public. The increase in service taxes led to an all-round increase in prices.

“While the Government reduces corporate taxes on cash-rich companies from 30% to 25, it provided no relief to the salaried classes. Allocations to social welfare, medicines, and education remain extremely insufficient. Moreover, sufficient funds were not allocated to the 7th Pay Commission. We are going to hold protests outside the Parliament on April 28 to protest this callous attitude of the Government, to object to its decision to not merge the dearness allowance and basic pay, and to demand immediate announcement of interim relief.”