Monday, April 6, 2015

Change in Account Opening Form and Introduction of new KYC Form for CBS Post Offices.


Copy of Dte Letter :

I am directed to circulate new forms devised for the following purposes:-

1. ATM Card/e-Banking/Mobile Banking Request Form for existing customers migrated to CBS.

2. ATM Card/e-Banking/Mobile Banking Request Form for existing customers who have opened accounts after migration to CBS.

3. Customer Information Updtation Form for existing customers.

It is requested that as and when any customer will ask for issue of ATM Card or E-Banking/Mobile Banking facility, form mentioned at Sl. No.1 should be used for those who were already having Savings Account before migration to CBS and this form alongwith KYC Document is to be sent to CPC for scanning and uploading of latest Signatures, Photograph and KYC documents. CPC will return these Forms to Post Offices concerned in a separate packet and post offices should file these forms (date-wise) in a separate Guard File named as "Channel Request Forms File".

If any customer who opened savings account after migration to CBS applies for ATM Card, E banking/Mobile Banking, Form mentioned at Sl.No.2 should be used and this form need not to be sent to CPC but should be filed in the same guard file named " Channel Request Forms".

If any customer either old or new, want to update its KYC information, Form mentioned at Sl. No. 3 should be used and if signatures or photograph is to be updated, form should be sent to CPC and CPC will upload this form and return to post office concerned. For this purpose also, a separate guard file is to be maintained with name" Customer Information Updation File". In other cases, post office should not send this form to CPC but file locally in the same guard file.

It is requested to start a drive for updation of Customer Information of the existing customers and CBS post offices should always remember that any Modification in CIF has to be verified by Supervisor and only after verification, modification will be updated in Finacle and if it is not verified, it will block EOD.


(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB-II)
Postal Directorate
New Delhi
Contact No. 011-23036224, 011-23096108
Mob:- 09899998054

1. Account Opening Form please Click Here. 

2. KYC Form for CBS Post Offices please Click Here.