Monday, April 6, 2015

Current Affairs

1) Daniel Vettori announced retirement from international cricket:
--> New Zealand cricketer and former captain Daniel Vettori has announced his retirement from international cricket.
--> He made this announcement after playing last match in ICC World Cup 2015 Final against Australia.
--> Earlier in 2011, he had retired from Tests and Twenty-20s cricket format.
--> In his 18-year-old career, the 36-year-old played 113 tests and 295 ODIs.

2) Snapdeal acquired majority stake in RupeePower:
--> Jasper Infotech, which owns and operates online marketplace, has picked up a majority stake in digital financial services platform as part of its plans to create a financial services marketplace.

3) Govt announced interest rates for various Small Savings Schemes:
--> Investments in Sukanya Samriddhi Account, the special deposit scheme for girl child, will earn higher interest rate of 9.2 per cent, while the rate on popular tax saving Public Provident Fund has been retained at 8.7 per cent for 2015-16.
--> At the same time, rate for senior citizens savings scheme (SCSS) has been enhanced to 9.3 per cent from existing 9.2 per cent. The above rates will be effective from 1 April 2015," a finance ministry statement said.
--> Kisan Vikas Patra interest earning has also been retained at 8.7 per cent.
--> Savings Deposit will continue to earn 4% interest.

4) 18-hour-old baby becomes India's youngest patient to undergo an open heart surgery:
--> An 18 hour-old baby from Mathura defied all odds and emerged as the youngest patient in India to undergo an open heart surgery.
--> Mayank was born in Mathura and within minutes of his birth was declared to have severe breathing difficulty, TAPVC, a critical heart condition, which stops the normal flow of blood from lungs to the heart.
--> The local doctors unable to treat the baby advised the family to rush the child to a multi-super specialty hospital in Delhi.
--> The challenge was immense but the doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute accepted it and performed an extremely difficult surgery. 

5) Muhammadu Buhari elected as President of Nigeria:
--> Former military ruler Genral Muhammadu Buhari won the Presidential election in Nigeria.
--> He defeated incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan by more than two million votes.
--> With this historic win, Buhari became the first opposition candidate in history of Nigeria to win a presidential election.

6) India launched Operation Raahat to evacuate Indian nationals from Yemen:
--> India launched a massive air and sea operation named Operation Raahat to evacuate over 4000 Indian nationals from Yemen.
--> The operation started after India got permission to dock its offshore patrol vessel INS Sumitra at the Aden harbor of Yemen.
--> The complete rescue operation was overseen by Minister of State for External Affairs General (retd.) VK Singh.

7) Kotak Mahindra-ING Vysya merger gets RBI approval:
--> Kotak Mahindra Bank has received the Reserve Bank of India’s approval for acquiring ING Vysya Bank, making Kotak the fourth largest private lender in the country.
--> Happy to share that the RBI has approved merger of ING Vysya Bank with Kotak Mahindra Bank effective April 1, 2015,” Uday Kotak, Executive Vice-chairman and Managing Director of Kotak Group said.
--> An RBI statement said, “All the branches of ING Vysya Bank will function as branches of Kotak Mahindra Bank with effect from April 1, 2015.”

8) Rajasthan govt. opened mother’s milk bank:
--> Rajasthan’s first State-run human milk bank, “Jeevan Dhara”, was inaugurated by Health Minister Rajendra Rathore at the Mahila Chikitsalaya.
--> The first mother’s milk bank in the State was started by a non-governmental organisation in a government hospital in Udaipur.

9) Gujarat assembly passed controversial anti-terrorism and organized crime bill:
--> Gujarat assembly on 31 March 2015 passed by a majority vote the controversial Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Bill (GCTOC) which allows police to intercept and record telephonic conversations and submit them in court as evidence.
--> The bill, which was earlier returned by the President thrice to the state government for reconsideration when Narendra Modi was CM, was passed by a majority vote amid stiff resistance from opposition Congress, which walked out of the House over its controversial provisions.

--> The state government re-introduced the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (GUJCOC) Bill in the assembly after renaming it.
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Friends.. Here is the Part-3 of the study materials for NICL AO & Assistant Exam 2015. 
1) Which state which has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha? - Madhya Pradesh
2) Which player has recently hit the first double century in the ICC Cricket World Cup history? - Chris Gayle
3) Garuda was the bilateral air exercise conducted by India and? - France
4) Kshatrapati Shivaji has recently taken over as the Chairman and Managing Director of? - Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
5) Noted Hindi novelist who wrote ‘Tamas’is? - Bhishma Sahni
6) Name the Ponchicherry class coastal minesweeper decommissioned recently? - INS Alleppey
7) Which is the only central university in India which has Prime Minister as its chancellor? - Visva Bharati University
8) Supreme Court recently declared which section of Information Technology Act as unconstitutional? - Section 66A
9) Which one of the following is used to induce artificial rain? - Silver Iodide
10) Which team lifted the 69th edition of Santosh Trophy recently? - Services
11) ‘Kuchipudi’ dance form originated in? - Andhra Pradesh
12) Capital of Germany? - Berlin
13) Name the Britain’s largest state-owned bank, which recently decided to shut down its banking operations in India? - Royal Bank of Scotland
14) Union External Affairs Minister? - Sushma Swaraj
15) Who was recently appointed UN goodwill ambassador of South Asia? -Sania Mirza
16) ‘Lake Sambhar’ is nearest to which one of the following cities of Rajasthan? - Jaipur
17) Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is situated in which state? - Tamil Nadu
18) Jwala Gutta is associated with which game? - Badminton
19) Which city will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games (CWG) as confirmed recently? - Durban, South Africa
20) Which country is the largest arms suppliers to India? - United States
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1) Which film was awarded the Best Feature Film in the 62nd National Film Awards 2015 announced on 24 March 2015?
(A) Court
(B) Mary Kom
(C) Queen
(D) Nanu Avanalla Avalu

2) Sports Ministry on 23 March, 2015 has categorised nine sporting discipline as the 'high priority sports'. Which among the following discipline is not one among them?
(A) Weightlifting
(B) Cricket
(C) Badminton
(D) Boxing

3) India's Polar Remotely Operated Vehicle (PROVe), indigenously built by National Institute of Ocean Technology, was recently operationalised for research in North Antarctica. Where is the headquarters of National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT)?
(A) Hyderabad
(B) New Delhi
(C) Bangalore
(D) Chennai

4) Which high court on 25 March 2015 became the first court to set up dedicated commercial divisions within it, in line with recommendation of the Law Commission of India?
(A) Kerala High Court
(B) Calcutta High Court
(C) Delhi High Court
(D) Karnataka High Court

5) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 March 2015 launched his ambitious multi-purpose and multi-modal platform, PRAGATI. Expand PRAGATI?
(A) Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation
(B) Pro-Active Government And Transparent Implementation
(C) Pro-Active Governance And Transparent Implementation
(D) Pro-Active Government And Timely Implementation

6) KM Mani was recently appointed as the chairman of the empowered committee of state finance ministers on Goods & Services Tax (GST). KM Mani is the finance minister of which state?
(A) Jammu and Kashmir
(B) Gujarat
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Kerala

7) Indian-American author Akhil Sharma recently won The Folio Prize 2015. He won this award for his Novel?
(A) Family Life
(B) The Emperor of All Maladies
(C) Narcopolis
(D) My Life My Destiny

8) Ministry of Railways has recently constituted a committee to review the existing Public Private Partnership (PPP) Cell in the railway board. Who among the following will head the committee?
(A) Arun Kumar Singh
(B) Ratan Tata
(C) Ajay Shankar
(D) E. Sreedharan

9) Noted Hindi poet Gopaldas Neeraj on 24 March 2015 was awarded with first National Kavi Pradeep Samman. National Kavi Pradeep Samman was instituted by the Government of?
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Haryana

10) Which country has recently won the prestigious Women in Parliaments (WIP) Award for regional leadership in the South and Southeast Asia category for closing the gender gap in politics?
(A) India
(B) Nepal
(C) China
(D) Bangladesh

1) Ans. (A) Court
2) Ans. (B) Cricket
3) Ans. (D) Chennai
4) Ans. (C) Delhi High Court
5) Ans. (A) Pro-Active Governance And Timely Implementation
6) Ans. (D) Kerala
7) Ans. (A) Family Life
8) Ans. (C) Ajay Shankar
9) Ans. (B) Madhya Pradesh
10) Ans. (D) Bangladesh